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Media Personality - A&R

Videographer/Filmmaker - TV Producer

Media Personality - A&R

  • Since 2012, he has vastly improved with this skillset transitioning from Acting. He has been a TV Host, co-host, as well as hosted his own platforms; ReemTV, ReemTV Radio, "Facts With Reem'o", as well as been a part of other platforms via media, podcasts, and radio.

  • November 2019, he started his PODCAST called “The Reem’o Meerak” which plays on all major podcast streaming platforms.

  • Media Correspondent for Floss Magazine, and has a section called “Reem’o C.U.T.S.”  

The C.U.T.S. stands for Culture x Urban x Technology x Sports!!!

  • Currently, became an A&R for music publishing label; Worldwide Soundz Records             

  • (IG - @ReemoMeerak)

A good photo op or two, lol

Actor - Entertainer

Videographer/Filmmaker - TV Producer

Media Personality - A&R

  • Since 2006, he worked on major film and television projects, as well as on independent music videos, comedic shorts, and promos.

  • Also, hosts events, and announces on the mic at basketball tournaments. 

  • You can find him on social media platforms  and on Twitch (YES, he's a GAMER too!!!)

  • He aims to return to acting, as he feels it's an unwritten chapter within his career

  • Instagram & Twitter (@reemoapproved)

Filming, Editing, and Creating are my passion

Videographer/Filmmaker - TV Producer

Videographer/Filmmaker - TV Producer

Videographer/Filmmaker - TV Producer

  • Moving within the ranks for his skill set and building a solid resume thus far, as well as produced, and co-directed on various projects.

  • He created a media consultant brand & productions company called, "The Meerak Brand Productions" in 2017.

  • A media production that assists BRANDS, ARTISTS (Music or Non-Music), ENTERTAINERS, and ENTREPRENEURS towards projects, private events, red carpet premieres ,and parties. 

  • Also, operates as a creative director for individuals, groups, and/or businesses for video footage, media production, media consulting, and assistance to Special Events, as well as have a team of videographers and photographers.

  • Follow on Instagram (@tmbp__)

guest appearance

Checkout the interview ON SmackemRadio with DJ Chase

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He’s an A/R of Worldwide Soundz Records.

He started the position in February 2020.

A&R For Worldwide Soundz Records

Lookout for a new SOUNDS from upcoming music artists

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Media Platforms produced by Kareem “Reem’o Meerak” Tyson

We Got GAME - LIKE A BOSS Movie Premiere (2020)

We Got GAME - LIKE A BOSS Movie Premiere (2020)

We Got GAME - LIKE A BOSS Movie Premiere (2020)

Currently a Producer for “We Got Game” hosted by Hip Hop Gamer of Hot97 FM & LogitechG since 2018

We Got Game is a show hosted by HOT 97'S own Hip Hop Gamer where he travels the nation to speak to various entertainers about gaming, as well as about their impact within society, and their message of encouragement for upcoming creatives, and "Playmakers".

Since 2018, Reem'o has produced various episodes, and continues to rise in the ranks of media production.

The Reem'o Meerak - (Podcast)

We Got GAME - LIKE A BOSS Movie Premiere (2020)

We Got GAME - LIKE A BOSS Movie Premiere (2020)

Since November 2019, he has a podcast called “The Reem’o Meerak” with hosts Chloe and “Midwest Yosh”. It’s on all major podcast streaming platforms.

Podcast where the OPINIONS are OPINIONS, the FACTS are FACTS....and the FUKS are not GIVEN!!!

Hosted By Chloe with Co-Host; "Midwest Yosh"

Curated By Reem'o Meerak

***Also, can be listen to on all major PODCAST streaming Platforms

ReemTV (2007 - 2020)

ReemTV (2007 - 2020)

ReemTV (2007 - 2020)

The Creative is always aware for more to creative

 Independent Television show that displayed the positive vibes and proceedings of Today's Independent & Hip Hop Culture. Also, bridge the gap between older and younger generations with speaking to the top industry figures, business owners, Entrepreneurs, “Power Players”, and talented individuals.

Also, we are a multi-award winning television show:

  • 2017 Audience Choice Award Via The Urban Web Summit

  • 2018 Best Arts And Entertainment Award via Public Media Access Awards

Reemo c.u.t.s.

ReemTV (2007 - 2020)

ReemTV (2007 - 2020)

Checkout the new You Tube Channel

Reemo C.U.T.S. is a platform via Floss Magazine that covers Culture, Urban, Technology, and Sports.  Host, Reem'o Meerak takes you on a journey with interviews and recaps of events to potent "Power Players" within Culture, Urban, Technology, and SPORTS!!!!  

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